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LOGIX is used to construct residential and commercial buildings throughout North America, including areas of high insect infestation.  In areas noted as “very heavy” termite infestation, the IRC and IBC (International Residential Code and International Building Code, respectively) require foam plastic to be protected against termite damage. LOGIX form panels are made of foam plastic insulation, specifically expanded polystyrene (EPS).  To protect the EPS from insect damage, and to meet building code requirements in termite infested regions, LOGIX offers the LOGIX TX. Typically Borate is used to protect foam plastic against termite and other insect damage.  However, studies have shown that Borate does not provide sufficient protection against burrowing insects when used with EPS.  Once insects tunnel through the EPS insulation it reduces the durability and insulation value of the form panels With LOGIX TX each individual foam bead that makes up the EPS form panels are coated with imidacloprid, a compound that protects the form panels from termite damage without affecting the material properties of EPS.  Since each bead is individually protected, LOGIX TX is more effective than Borate treated EPS.  LOGIX TX kills termites before they chew through the outer surface of the form panels. Surface of EPS beads coated with imidacloprid.

Imidacloprid has been evaluated by ICC-ES (International Code Council) as an approved treatment against insect attacks on EPS Unlike Borate, imidacloprid, is organic and requires less dosage when used in EPS to treat insect attacks. EPA registered to treat wood, textiles, and plastics against insect attacks; Imidacloprid is also used for crop protection and as a treatment on pets for flea and tick control. For more information contact your local LOGIX

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