Build Anything Better

With Logix Insulated Concrete Forms.

Logix has clear Advantages

Logix is simply faster and less expensive than you expect high-quality, high-performance concrete construction to be.

Logix Pro

These fully assembled blocks feature rugged 2 3/4” foam panels for a typical wall assembly R-value of R25.

Logix KD

These unassembled knockdown forms ship flat to minimize freight costs.

Logix XP-1

XP-1 is a self-aligning complete solution for ICF walls with exposed concrete.


This wide range of smart accessory products supports all your Logix builds and creates a diverse system that provides a functional and seamless installation process.

Product Lines

6 in 1 Construction

Six construction steps in one simple package! Building with Logix helps save valuable time on the job site, helping you reduce labor costs during your build.

Net-Zero Level Energy Savings

Save up to 50% in energy savings when you build with two thick panels of continuous insulation, an airtight wall assembly, and the thermal mass of concrete.

Exceptional Comfort

Enjoy the comfort of a Logix home with NO drafts or cold spots, NO harmful off-gases, and healthy walls that offer NO nutrient source for mold growth.

FEMA Approved Resilience

Protect the future of your home with built-in weather resiliency including protection from wind, fire, earthquakes, and damaging moisture build-up.