Discover the 3 Things That Make The Halo Insulation System Truly Unique!

Halo insulation offers superior performance that you won’t find in other insulation materials. It is made of expanded polystyrene foam that is infused with graphite, which gives it unique insulating properties. In this article, we’ll explore three key features that sets Halo Insulation System apart and makes it unique.

Summary of the 2021 IECC Code & Utah ICF Solutions

SUMMARY OF THE 2021 IECC CODE & UTAH ICF SOLUTIONS “Utah is growing. Fast. As Utah continues its meteoric rise, the demand for accessible and affordable housing and commercial buildings continues to compound. This growth also means new energy demands, and with it, pollution. We need smart public policy to manage this growth. As luck […]

Setting the Standard

LOGIX is used to construct residential and commercial buildings throughout North America, including areas of high insect infestation.  In areas noted as “very heavy” termite infestation, the IRC and IBC (International Residential Code and International Building Code, respectively) require foam plastic to be protected against termite damage. LOGIX form panels are made of foam plastic […]